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5 things to walk more effective

Exercise is fashionable in Panama. It is good that people are more health conscious but can be harmful and painful to start regimen exercise very suddenly. The vast majority of the capital are very sedentary and require a little awareness to start new routines.

Several studies say that people need to walk either children, athletes, sedentary people or the elderly. Walking is the best move for the welfare of the cardiovascular system and helps to maintain bone mass. It has been found that walking lowers stress hormone levels and emotionally helps clear the mind.

The human body was designed to move much of what modern life offers. If at the end of the day you are tired and without energy, the best way to feel energized is going for a walk … you will not regret.


5 Things to make walking more efficient

Walk with your feet pointing forward. The tendency is to walk with feet angled V. joints are loaded much less walking with straight feet.

Ensure that your ears, shoulders and hips are aligned. We tend to extend your neck forward and bending back can stress on the neck and upper back.

Walk with swinging arms and use them to tread: it helps blood flow, metabolism and balance back.

While stretch back muscles of the body and especially the sedentary shrink these muscles in particular. 5-10 minute stretch your calves, thighs, buttocks and back.

Encourage your career is opened. Try to contract the buttocks and stretch the back of the thigh with every step.


As residents of the reverted áreas we have access to sidewalks, parks and still lots of nature: We must seize!

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