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A Great Start

Breakfast is such an important part of maintaining good blood sugar levels. Of course, a lot depends on what constitues a good breakfast. The standard milk and cereal, sweetened yogurt or toast with coffe really sets off your insulin. Best is a breakfast like the one pictured. With a meal like this one to start your day, research has proven that you will have greater focus and sustained energy levels. You won´t be tempted by the baked goods in the luchroom come 10 am…and chances are you will make better choices at lunch because you won´t be crashing from the breakfast sugar high.

A lot has been written about fasting and while I do think there is a place for it, The day to day stresses make me think that weekdays are not the time for fasting. On busy days what is needed is to have a good arsenal of blood sugar inhibiting food to start the day. We know  the deleterious effects of sugar on stress levels ( see previous post) so the best thing to do is plan a good breakfast on the days we know are going to be demanding.

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