There is a great book that I can´t seem to put down these days about alignment. It speaks of things that I have always wondered about and has confirmed a few of my own theories that I have come to on intuition. The book is by biomiechanist Katy Bowman and the title is Alignment Matters.

Today I put some of her writings to the test. I ran an errand wearing a 2.5 inch heeled sandal. I walked approximately 500 meters on concrete and stood around about 10 minutes in line. By the time I got home and removed my shoes I could feel my calves cramp and I felt my knees weird. I don´t think I have ever been so aware of my lower leg muscles. Bowman states that any heeled shoe changes the body´s alignment and is part of the problem with developing bad alignment habbits that create micro abrasions in the body that, with time, create ailments like osteoarthritis. According to Bowman there are lots of other reasons to wear shoes with a negative heel as well as a wide toe box and a minimal sole.

I have followed her guidelines on alignment as well as foot exercises for the last couple of weeks and have noticed a lot more dexterity in my feet. For a long time I have experienced cripling pain from bunions and flat feet  and although I used some yoga exercises to reduce my bunions drastically and my pain, her suggestions are the additional help I needed to get my foot muscles working and feeling great. Wow!!

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