kids and movement

IMG_2046 This week, in order to ease back into school, I have made it a point to park about 10 minutes away and walk my kid to school. I did it as an experiment to try to relax her and have her be more open to going to class. It worked wonderfully not only for her but for me. I feel very appreciative of the time spent  together,  observing nature and the world through young eyes.  It has become real quality time for us instead of the crazy rush that is usualy our pace. In addition, she arrives happy and as I have learned, more receptive to learn.

Recent reaserch  is determing the importance of movement and time outside for phisical as well as mental health. There are many benefits to According to John J Ratey, Author of SPARK the revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain, “the more fit the child is, the better learner they are”  to learn more, check out his TED talk

I wonder how many of the kids with behavioral and health issues would do if they got a little exercise before class…

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