Real change 2016

At this time of year, we are thinking about how we will improve in 2016. Perhaps you think of getting out of debt or buying a car. I invite you to include in the resolutions for the new year to improve your overall health. How can you be more successful in your resolutions? Most people fail at these attempts despite the initial enthusiasm. If improvements gradually your general health will be much easier to tackle the rest of the resolutions.

  • Set very specific goals and change one habit at a time. Initiates changes gradually: if you want to change your diet, the first week eliminates soda and juices, limit yourself. The second: frying, the third: add more vegetables, and so on. Start walking 15 minutes 4 times the first week and the second walk 20 minutes.
  • Since you have your goal, focus in the strategy. Prepare a detailed plan. Keep a journal with the progress achieved and look it each week. Recruit family, friends, or a group of people with similar goals to participate and support you. Find a place online to share. Take pictures at the beginning and if you are making changes in diet, take photos of your meals and share them by whatsapp or internet.
  • Inspired by looking a picture of yourself or something that represents your goal in the refrigerator or where you see often. Be sure to keep your thoughts positive. Pick a song with nice message and every time you need to remember your vision hum. Create and maintain a list of your accomplishments in life and always take it with you to remind you that you can! Think that you are a role model for your children, your family and friends.
  • Agree that will be temporary relapses. Use this time to remember your accomplishments. Relapses can also be valuable opportunities to learn and improve. Regardless of whether it was a good day or not, it takes a few minutes before going to bed and think about the things that went well.
  • Be patient with yourself, remember that change is a process. Monitor your negative thoughts and remember why you committed to change. In the end, no matter if you meet exactly your initial vision. The important thing is the process you are creating to maintain healthy habits throughout the year.


You deserve a healthy and fulfilling life; give yourself that gift.

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